Workshop Participants:

Gabriella Addivinola (University of Warwick).
Paper title: The Reception of the Liber de Causis

Grace Allen (The Warburg Institute).
Paper title: Reading Aristotle’s Politics in the Italian Vernacular, 1400-1500

Carla Barciz (Yale University).
Paper title: Ordering the World: Communities of Readers in the Early Modern Utopia

Jason Baxter (University of Notre Dame).
Paper title: Landino’s Framing of an Auctor

Bryan Brazeau (New York University).
Paper title: ‘Poetando attorno ad una istoria religiosa’: Varieties of Christian Epic in Sixteenth-century Italy.

Thomas Denman (University of Reading).
Paper title: Ekphrasis and Academic Writing in Baroque Naples

Rocco Di Dio (University of Warwick).
Paper title: Marsilio Ficino’s Notebooks: A Case of Humanist Miscellanies from Fifteenth-Century Florence

Jessica Goethals (New York University).
Paper title: Selling the Sack of Rome

Jacob Halford (University of Warwick).
Paper title: Renaissance dialogues and reading publics: Creating intimacy through making the private public

Alison Lukowski (Northern Illinois University).
Paper title: The control of print materials in Tudor Royal Proclamations

Sonja Mayrhofer (University of Iowa).
Paper title: Humoral liminality in St. Erkenwald

Sara Miglietti (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa).
Paper title: The Holy Office and Bodin’s Methodus (i.e. censorship)

Roberta Niciosa (Rutgers University).
Paper title: Pietro Bembo’s early Platonism

Jonathan Olson (University of Liverpool).
Paper title: Possessed with the Athenian Humour. How early modern readers’ demand for novelty was met by risk-adverse book sellers

Richard Oosterhoff (University of Notre Dame).
Paper title: Analogiae depictae: The Aristotle Hidden in the Student Notes of Beatus Rhenanus

Sarah Parker (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill).
Paper title: Subtilitas: An Early Modern Reworking of Aristotelian Natural Philosophy

Andie Silva (Wayne State University).
Paper Title: English Prints of More’s Utopia

Jameson Tucker (University of Warwick):
Paper title: The Benefit of the Reader: the importance of genre in Jean Crespin’s martyrologies

Greg Wells (University of Warwick):
Paper title: From manuscript to print: how James Cooke edited John Hall.

Cordelia Zukerman (University of Michigan).
Paper title: Ben Jonson’s New Inn (1631) and ‘Ode to Himself’



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