An interesting coat of arms.

Hello all, I hope everyone got home all right. I have a question to put to the group. I was looking at old editions of Sannazaro today and I came across a gorgeous presentation copy of the De Partu Virginis printed in Naples in 1526 (possibly the editio princeps). I happened upon a coat of arms that seems quite interesting but can’t quite figure out where I should turn to look it up.

It’s a red circle with a grey column in the centre. The column has a gold base and a golden crown and is framed by V C in gold lettering. A wreath of green leaves with what looks like acorns surrounds the red circle and is tied with blue ribbon Xes at the top, bottom, left and right. None of the paratextual elements indicate a dedicatee, though there must have been one since the edition is in folio, on vellum and has hand painted initials throughout along with this vivid coat of arms.

Does anyone know anything about this device or any good works on sixteenth-century Italian heraldry?



3 thoughts on “An interesting coat of arms.

  1. Hi Bryan! That sounds really intriguing. It might be the coat of arms of the Colonna family ( – I can’t help thinking of VC as Vittoria Colonna, but I might be wrong. If you kept the book on hold, we can look at it together. I’m getting down to London tomorrow (Tuesday). I’m catching up with a friend who’s there (she’s at ease with heraldry and might have some more suggestions). Ciao!


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